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Expiring Vs Deleting Data

In many areas of ChilliDB such as custom fields, contacts, organisations, and most other modules, we provide the expire concept. Expiring data is a way to effectively delete something but with the option to bring it back again if needed.

Deleting data permanently deletes it from ChilliDB.

An expired contact for example is hidden from the system like they are deleted but they can be viewed from the search if filtering for expired contacts, and be unexpired if needed.

If you are unable to see the expire option for a record, please check your user role tickets using System > Users > Maintain Roles + Tickets, or contact your system administrator if you don't have access to the Users menu.

Most areas of ChilliDB don't provide a delete function, if you would like to delete something but are unable to do it yourself, we can do so using helpdesk support hours.

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