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How do I know what version of ChilliDB I am running?

The version of ChilliDB that your system is running can be found at the footer of each and every screen in ChilliDB if you are using version or earlier. On newer versions you can see this information on the login screen.

For example: © ChilliDB :: © Polymorphic Solutions :: 29 May 2014 :: 3.1 :: About

This would indicate that you are running version 3.1 dated 29 May 2014

You can compare the version of ChilliDB you are running with those available from the RELEASES menu in ChilliDB HelpDesk to see if you are running the latest version.

If you would like an upgrade, raise a ticket requesting your system be upgraded. If you run ChilliDB on your own servers, you can obtain the latest upgrade packages from the RELEASES menu in ChilliDB HelpDesk.

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