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Using Flags

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Flags in ChilliDB

ChilliDB has the ability to use a system of Flags for Contacts and Organisations. This can be a quick, visual guide that can be used to indicate certain points or that something needs to be done when a record is viewed by the User.

These Flags can be used to represent anything depending on a business’ internal rules. To help with this, Flags can be created in a variety of different colours and with specific text that can be displayed within the Flag. For example, a red flag could be used to indicate that the Contact needs reviewing or to be updated and a green flag could be used to show that the review of Contact has been completed.

Accessing Flags

To access and apply a Flag on either a Contactor Organisation, we simply need to go to the Actions menu in the top right corner of the screen and navigate to Flag where we can select the type of Flag we are going to use.

Once selected, a coloured strip will be displayed across the top of the Contact/Organisation with the text also visible within the strip.

Customising Flags

To customise our Flags, we need to first go to System > Reference Data > Create and Maintain.

From here, we need to select Flag from the dropdown menu and click on Display.

Here, we can either right click where it says Flag in the top left corner of the box and select Add New Item to create a new Flag

or alternatively, we can right click on one of the existing Flag sand select Maintain Item to edit it.

Once we have clicked on either Add or Maintain Item, we can edit the new Flag on the right hand side of the screen. The Description field is where we can enter the text that will be displayed. Description Help Text can be used for further explanation on the Flag and its intended use, Expired gives us the option to remove the Flag from the system but still keep available for future use if needed and finally, we can select the Colour that will be used by the Flag. Click Save once it is ready.

Now, if we go back to a Contact/Organisation and access the Flags from the Actions menu, we can see the newly created Flag is available for use.

Once selected, the new Flag will be displayed across the top of the Contact/Organisation screen.

This will also be reflected on Last accessed panel by having coloured flag next to client


Searching Flagged Clients

Client can also be searched using flag field as a filter. While selecting Flag as field, all

the available flag values will populate as drop down on Value field. You can select any

value to search clients with that Flag.

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