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10 Features to Help You Save Time

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

ChilliDB understands the struggles of effectively communicating with clients, keeping data organised and contact details up to date. ChilliDB can help you save time which means that you can improve efficiency, reduce employee hours, save costs and achieve more!

Stress less! By utilising these 10 time-saving features below.

Selected Features

1. Notes and Message Templates

2. Tracking

3. Our New Dashboard

4. Alerts and Notifications

5. Creating "Like"

6. Colour Flagging

7. Advanced Search

8. Automated Activities

9. Event Certificate Generation

10.Quick links

1.Notes and Message Templates

Take advantage of our notes and message templates for consistent formatting and content.

Notes are a great way to record all interactions with your clients including emails, conversations and general form captures. Easily create a note template in ChilliDB and once created, quickly select the template next time!

You can do the same thing with message templates! Templates are available for creation for both emails and SMS and can be selected directly when sending an email.

2. Tracking

Use tracking to keep a history of all your communications.

All messages sent through ChilliDB are categorised and recorded as notes which are linked to your contacts and clients. You can track the opening of emails as well as read receipts and request delivery receipts.

3. Our New Dashboard (coming soon)

ChilliDB's powerful new dashboard, designed to streamline your data management and save you valuable time.

Discover a fresh, modern interface that allows you to access all your critical data at a glance. Say goodbye to time-consuming navigation and hello to seamless data-driven decision-making. Our dashboard's intuitive visualisations and redesigned panels will transform the way you interact with your data. WIth features such as a line graph for all members, you can now track your audience growth, and see trends over time at a single glance, track total donations, a bar graph for events provides a visual representation of your event's performance and more. Now, it’s simple to compare and improve your strategies

4. Alerts and Notifications

Never miss a meeting or event with alerts and notifications.

Add reminders and drive workflow activities so an activity can be followed up at a later date. Also send out notifications and reminders before key dates such as event start dates or membership renewal dates.

5. Creating "Like"

The 'Create Like' feature can save you valuable time and effort.

Did you know that you can effortlessly duplicate any note, invoice, survey, and more with just a few clicks? 'Create Like' allows you to swiftly generate identical content without the need for manual copy-pasting or starting from scratch. Next time you're in the Actions menu, simply select 'Create Like,' and you'll have an exact duplicate ready to go. Whether you're managing multiple projects or customizing documents for different clients, 'Create Like' will streamline your workflow and make your tasks a breeze.

6. Colour Flagging

Highlight your contacts and organisations to find them easily!

Colour flagging helps you to visually identify key contacts and organisations quickly. For example you could create the flag "Concern" with a red colour and filter for contacts who have this concern flag.

7. Advanced Search

Filter through your organisations and contacts quickly using advanced search.

You can even filter multiple items using the "one of" operator. For example you can quickly search for two different types of organisations. ChilliDB gives you flexibility to select your own criteria and choose which fields are shown in the search results.

8. Automated Activities

Set up automated activities such as invoicing and emailing.

Automate invoicing by taking advantage of our full integration with Xero where invoices are generated and emailed directly to the client and you receive confirmation of payments as they occur. Also set up automatic emails to staff members to send SMS messages to clients when they are due to attend events.

9. Event Certificate Generation

Quickly send out Event Certificates within a few clicks, using ChilliDB's "send certificates" feature.

ChilliDB will create a PDF certificate for each attendee in the background and then email the certificates to each attendee.

10. Quick Links

Make use of Quick Links to speed up your access to internal and external links.

With Quick Links, you can create shortcuts for website addresses, templates, documents, and emails. These links can be viewed conveniently on the right side of your screen. There are two types of Quick Links: Corporate and Personal. Corporate Quick Links are available for all users to view and can only be customized by a user with permission. Personal Quick Links, on the other hand, are unique to each user, providing a private space for frequently visited links, pages, or file shortcuts specific to your role

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