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Case Study: Brisbane Broncos - Making Informed decisions quicker with ChilliDB

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

See how Brisbane Broncos Community creates greater visibility across their operations


"I was impressed by their continuous support post-live and I would highly recommend them for organisations delivering government-supported programs. ChilliDB helped our team have greater visibility across our operations, provided greater security in our data collection and management; and helped our reporting in making informed decisions quicker.” Thelma - Manager, Brisbane Broncos Community


Business Needs:

Brisbane Broncos community’s department manages multiple Federal, State, and private funded programs across QLD and northern NSW. They were looking for a product that would provide excellent integration, reporting, case and contract management, communication, and marketing across their programs.

Why did ChilliDB stand out to Broncos?

"References spoke highly of them, and we received a high level of support we received during the initial set-up period. ChilliDB does everything that we need it to do and more." Thelma - Manager, Brisbane Broncos Community.


In addition to the ChilliDB client, case and contact management features, the Brisbane Broncos took advantage of the module builder to quickly create new client specific modules. One module was created to hold student attendance details and the other for their academic records. Their staff are assigned to one or more schools to regularly collect the students’ academic and attendance data and enter it into ChilliDB. To save staff time bulk data load forms are used to allow many entries to be loaded at one time. The solution also included the creation of several management reports to provide data insights.


ChilliDB has provided the Brisbane Broncos with greater visibility across their community operations with secure data collection and efficient reporting capability.

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