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ChilliDB Development plan - Dashboards

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

ChilliDB, a leading Australian client management solution tailored for the NFP, Community, and health industry, is always looking ahead. While we pride ourselves on the features and capabilities we currently offer, we're even more excited about what's on the horizon. We want to give our users a sneak peek into the future developments of ChilliDB, showcasing the direction we're headed in. It's important to note that these features are in the planning and development stages and won't be available immediately. However, they provide a glimpse into our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

New Dashboard Templates on the Horizon

One of the most anticipated updates is the introduction of new template options for the dashboard. These templates are designed to provide users with a more intuitive and streamlined experience. While users have always had the capability to manually create and customize their dashboards, these new presets are introduced to simplify the process and enhance efficiency. Among the new additions are:

  • Case Management Presets:

    • Monthly Case Tracking: Visual graphs to track cases on a monthly basis.

    • Cases by Status: Overview of ongoing, completed, and pending cases.

    • Cases by Priority: Manage cases based on their urgency.

    • Unassigned Cases: Ensuring no case goes unnoticed.

    • Pending Actions: Timely resolution and management of cases with actions pending.

  • Event Management Presets:

    • Pre-made Presets: For displaying registered participants.

    • Average Attendance Rate: Gauge the success of your events.

    • Event Countdown: Building anticipation for upcoming events.

    • Campaign Tracking: Oversee your marketing efforts.

  • Membership Management Presents:

    • New Members Tally: Monitor new member registrations.

    • Active Members Tally: Real-time tracking of active members.

    • Overall Membership Graph: Visual representation of membership trends.

Role-Based Dashboards: A Future Personalized Experience

We're envisioning a future where ChilliDB offers multiple dashboards that adapt based on the user's role, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.

AI: The Next Big Leap for ChilliDB

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration is on our roadmap. We're in the process of integrating AI capabilities to further enhance the dashboard experience. With AI, users can expect smarter insights, predictive analytics, and automated processes.

These features are a glimpse into the future of ChilliDB they underscore our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in client management. We're excited about the journey ahead and invite our users to join us as we shape the future of ChilliDB.

Streamlined Workflow Automation:

ChilliDB is set to introduce a visual interface tailored for workflow automation. This interface will allow users to design and implement workflows that automate many of different activities. By reducing the need for manual data entry, giving both time efficiency and also minimising the chance of human errors. With the integration of this feature, organisations can expect a significant boost in productivity and streamlined operations.

Additional Integrations with Other Popular Products:

ChilliDB aims to effortlessly sync data, derive insights, and execute actions across even more popular integrations. Such integrations will not only simplify data management but also enhance the platform's versatility, making it a central hub for various needs. Such integrations are Gmail which is coming in the very near future and more information will be released about this soon.

Future Advancements in Codeless User Module Generation:

This will enable users, regardless of their technical expertise, to generate modules with ease. This approach ensures that even those without a coding background can harness the platform's full potential.

And Many More… ChilliDB's commitment to innovation is unwavering. The team is continuously exploring new avenues to enhance the platform and cater to the evolving needs of its user base.

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