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Copying and Creating Duplicates of Surveys

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

To quickly copy a survey that is already in ChilliDB, users should use the Create Like link from the Actions menu on the original survey they wish to duplicate.

The follow steps will assist users in duplicating a Survey:

1. Find for the survey you wish to duplicate via the Search Survey screen.

2. From the Search Results screen, click on the survey you wish to copy. This will open the Survey Details screen for that survey.

3. Select 'Create Like' from the Actions menu.

4. A copy of that Survey will now be displayed, and the title will indicate it is a 'copy'. .

5. Click 'Edit' to modify the newly created survey. Once any edits have been completed, click 'Save'.

6. You can then preview the newly duplicated survey, and it can be published and invitations sent to Survey participants.

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