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Finding a Particular Response Amongst Your Survey Results

Updated: Mar 2, 2022


Users can choose to search for and view responses entered in their surveys at any time by navigating to the Surveys main menu item and selecting 'Search Responses' from the drop-down menu.

To filter the response results to a particular survey, users can specify the survey name in their search.

Responses can also be reviewed from the Responses tab on the Survey Display screen.

From the Survey Response List, users have a number of options available to them to work with the displayed responses. These include Continuing a survey response; Un-submitting a response; Attaching a response to a contact/organisation; Printing a response; and even Deleting any of the survey responses if they were submitted in error, or if they are to be excluded from reporting and analysis.

Continuing a Survey Response

Depending on the setup of a survey, if the configuration allowed it to be saved and continued, then a respondent could simply save a partial survey response at any time, and submit it later when the form is complete. Survey responses in any section of ChilliDB can be continued. In other words, users can continue a survey from Contacts, Organisations, Case Management, Client Administration and the Survey module itself. To continue the survey response, select the checkbox beside it in the list it is displayed in and then access the Actions menu, and choose 'Continue'.

The survey response will open with all of the information entered previously still in place, allowing users to complete the survey and submit it. A submitted survey can be identified by looking at the Completed date and time in the Survey List.

Un-submitting a Survey Response

The ability to un-submit a survey response is an important quality assurance function. If a survey has been locked to prevent re-submission by participants, it will be displayed as such in the “Submission, Save & Review Options” on the Survey Display screen.

If, after receiving a survey response, users notice a data quality error in the response, they can un-submit the survey for editing before resubmitting it.

The steps to un-submit a survey response are as follows:

1. In the Survey Response List in the Responses tab, click the checkbox to select the survey response you wish to un-submit.

2. Select Actions and then click on 'Un- Submit'.

3. A notification will inform you that the response has been unsubmitted, and a pop-up window will display the following message:

4. The survey response is now unsubmitted and the completed column will be empty.

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