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Gmail Add On

The ChilliDB Gmail Add-on is a powerful tool designed to enhance email management within Gmail. It allows users to categorise, store, and transform emails into Notes in ChilliDB, linking them to relevant contacts. This integration fosters a more organised and efficient approach to customer relationship data management.

This Add-on had the ability to automatically recognise contacts and organisations. This intuitive feature streamlines the process of managing communications, as it effortlessly identifies the sender and associates them with the relevant contact or organisation within ChilliDB. This simplifies the task of saving emails, allowing users to effortlessly archive important communications. This seamless integration not only saves time but also makes it easier for users to access and manage their email communications within the ChiliDB.

1. How to Get Started

· Install the ChilliDB Add-on in your Gmail account.

· Once installed, the Chilli icon will appear in the right corner of your Gmail screen.

2. Configuring the ChilliDB Gmail Add-on

  • Open your Gmail and click on the ChilliDB icon.

  • Click "Login" to access the Configuration screen.

Fill out the fields:

  • ChilliDB URL: Enter the URL you use to access ChilliDB in your browser.

  • System: Select the ChilliDB instance (Production or Training) you wish to connect to.

  • ChilliDB Username: Your ChilliDB login username.

  • ChilliDB Password: Your ChilliDB login password.

Note: Email storage is available only if you have 'Add/Modify Note' rights and either 'CONTACT VIEW' or 'ORGANISATION VIEW'.

3. Store Emails into ChilliDB:

After connectng with Add-on, users can store emails to system by follow these simple steps:

  • Open the email in Gmail and click the ChilliDB icon.

  • Click 'Store Email' to save the email as a note in ChilliDB.

  • A confirmation message "Your email was successfully saved to ChilliDB" will appear.

Users can further enhance their experience by viewing the stored note directly in the system. Simply click on the 'View Note' button for instant access.

4. Including Attachments and Embedded Images:

In addition to saving emails, you have the option to store file attachments and embedded images directly in ChilliDB. If you wish to include these in your notes, simply check the appropriate boxes provided.


  • Check 'Save Attachments' to store file attachments with the email.

  • Check 'Include Embedded Images' to retain images in the stored note.

By following these steps, users can not only archive important emails but also ensure that associated file attachments and embedded images are securely stored in the ChilliDB system.

5. Find Organisations and Contacts

Effortlessly users locate organisations and contacts by using the Gmail Add-on's intuitive features.

  • Use 'Find/Create' to match email senders or recipients with ChilliDB entries.

  • Enter the name in the search query to find and match with ChilliDB contacts or organisations.

The search query allows you to quickly identify and match the sender's name with the relevant contact or organisation entries in ChilliDB, streamlining the process of connecting with the right entities.

6. Create Contacts and Organisations

  • Click 'Create' to add a new contact or organisation if not found in ChilliDB.

  • Provide necessary details and click 'Save' to add them to ChilliDB.

Note: Creation rights depend on having 'Add/Modify Contact' and 'Add/Modify Organisation' permissions.

7. Selecting Preferences

·         Click the three dots on the add-on and select "Settings".

·         Set default note type, category, and sub-category.

By following these steps, users can effectively utilise the ChilliDB Gmail Add-on to streamline email management and enhance their customer relationship management capabilities.

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