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Invitation Options

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

These options allow users to choose how their survey will be performed. They can choose to make their survey publicly accessible; secured through a special link; or secured through both a special link and ChilliDB security. All of this is done by selecting one of the following options for the 'This Survey Is' field:

Performed internally on behalf of our Contacts and Organisations chosen when creating a Response

This option allows users to choose Contacts, Organisations, Client Administration Clients, and HACC Clients at the time of adding a Survey response.

If this option is chosen, users are not able to send this survey to the respondents. They would instead use this if they were conducting the survey over the phone or with the responder beside them during a discussion.

Users can track exactly who is filling out each survey response.

This option does not allow the use of logins to secure surveys.

Published anonymously, I will manage how the Survey link is shared

This option allows users to use a survey to collect information anonymously on their website or perhaps through an email sent to a large collection of people. They cannot track who is filling out each survey response, only that it has been filled it out.

This option does not enable the use of Logins to secure the Surveys.

Published to a collection of known Contacts and Organisations who I will choose

This option allows users to choose Contacts and Organisations from their system, and then send survey invites to them. Prospective respondents receive a personalised invite with a token which identifies them back to ChilliDB. This way, users can track exactly who is filling out each survey response.

When users choose this option, they have additional Security Options available to use, such as logins and SMS. By default, Security Options is set to None.

Users can change their security options to 'Login' if they would like to have their Survey responders authenticate their response with a Username and Password.

When this option is set:

 You will be able to choose ChilliDB Users who hold an External User License for your Survey Invitations.

 External User Licenses are special low cost licenses which allow you to provide limited access in ChilliDB, such as User Portal access and secured Survey Invitations.

 Then when sending the Invitations, ChilliDB will allow you to include a Username and Password in the email generated with the Survey link.

 The recipient of the Survey Invitation, then clicks the link they received, authenticates using the credentials they receive, and then enter the Survey form.

 You can also add some custom text to the Login Panel of ChilliDB if you choose.

When users have finished configuring their survey, they select 'Save' to save their changes and they can then start to add questions to the survey. Any of the information for the survey at this level can be changed at any time with no restrictions applying.

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