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Module Builder Part III: Linking Your Custom Module With Other Modules

Linking Your Custom Module With Other Modules:

Modules created in module builder can be linked with other modules in ChilliDB. In our example, we will connect the Training custom module with the Contacts module. To do this follow the steps below:

• Name the field in Field Description.

• Create a field with the Field Type ‘Contact’

• Then choose the Data Source from where you want to collect all the data for this field.

• Make sure to tick the field ‘Display Module Builder Data against Live data record’ to link information with the contact module.

• Click ‘Save’ when you have finished re-configuring the field. Now, users will be able to see the Training custom module tab on the Contact Details page.

• If a contact has attended a new training course, users can easily add the latest information by clicking on the Create button.

• Click ‘Save’, and the information regarding the new training will be visible under the Training tab.

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