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Module Builder Part IV: Showing/Hiding Sections in a Custom Module

Showing/Hiding Sections in a Custom Module

The module builder can show/hide sections based upon the values in a drop-down field in the user module. Users can achieve this by stating a drop-down list (required field) is needed in the base section of the custom module. Then, in the module builder interface, users can select Enable Visible for Types support field to control the visibility of sections related to this field.

Let us take the example of an Accommodation custom module that has been created to understand the concept of show/hide sections based on the values in a drop-down list.

Note: A lookup list can be a list by itself, a parent list to another child list in the module or a child list.

Follow these steps to support section visibility by type:

• Go to the System main menu item and select ‘Custom Fields’. Choose the Accommodation module from the drop-down list. In the Base section of this module, create a field called ‘Accommodation Type’ with a drop-down list that has the options ‘House’; ‘Unit’; and ‘Room’.

• Next, go to the System main menu item and choose ‘Custom Fields - Module Builder’. On the next page, select the Accommodation custom module. Then, on the module details page, tick the ‘Enable Visible for Types Support’ field and choose ‘Accommodation Type’ in the ‘Lookup list field’ to control the visibility of certain sections based on this lookup field.

• Once this has been done, go back to the System menu and select Custom Fields. Choose the Accommodation module from the drop-down list, and create a new section called ‘House requirements’ for this module. While creating this section, make sure to uncheck the ‘All Types’ option. After doing so, you should see a list of the lookup items entered when creating the Accommodation Type field. In the example above, the ‘Enable Visible for Types support Lookup list field’ should contain items from Accommodation Type, from where you can select whether the section is visible to the ‘House’; ‘Unit’; or ‘Room’ type.

• To limit the visibility of this section to the ‘House’ type, choose ‘House’ in ‘Visible for Types’. Then, click ‘Save.’

• After doing this, when creating a new record for the Accommodation custom module, none of the individual sections will be visible to users until they select an Accommodation Type from the drop-down menu. Once a type is chosen, the relevant fields will be visible.

• Now, if users choose the ‘House’ value from the drop-down list, the House Requirements section will become visible.

By following these steps, users can hide/show sections of custom module builder based on the item types available, and the sections created in custom fields.

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