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Using the Events Calendar/Events List

The Events Calendar and Events List options in the Events drop-down menu both allow users to locate events they have created within certain time frames, however there are differences in how these two options operate.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar presents a visual overview of past, current and future events. Users are able to toggle between daily, weekly and monthly overviews by clicking on the corresponding tab in the top right-hand corner of the calendar.

Note: Only the Daily and Weekly views will allow users to see the time of the event in the calendar. The Monthly view simply indicates which day the event is on.

To view details about an event in the calendar, click on the event name. Doing so takes users to the Event Details Overview page. For example, if we clicked on the ‘Using Advanced Search’ event on the 24th of January in the above calendar. We would be taken to the screen below.

Note: The Events Calendar can be added to a user’s Home Screen to provide easy access to event information. To see how to do so, click this link.

Events List

The Events List also allows users to search for past, current and future events, however it features the added advantage of including date parameters so users can search within a certain time frame.

Once users have found the events they are looking for, clicking on ‘Register/More Information’ takes them to the Event Details Overview page.

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