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  • 2023 AI Review of Trends - What's coming in 2024 and beyond for ChilliDB AI:

    The year 2023 was a key turning point in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Notably, ChatGPT, a leading AI tool, expanded rapidly demonstrating the growing public interest in AI technologies. Microsoft's strategic partnership with OpenAI, marked by a $10 billion investment, set the stage for this expansion. 2023 was also a year of intense competition among tech giants. Google unveiled Bard, its answer to ChatGPT, while Microsoft enhanced Bing with AI capabilities. Amazon wasn't far behind, introducing Bedrock for AWS, enabling customers to leverage generative AI models and more. These new possibilities for AI have begun within ChillIDB which will be coming in the future to better advance our Client Management system for our not-for-profit, community and health organisations. ChilliDB's Beginning with AI in Client Management ChilliDB has started its journey to integrate AI into client management. Realising the potential of AI, ChilliDB initiated plans to incorporate AI into its services. This initiative aimed to improve sectors such as not-for-profits, healthcare, and community organisations, enhancing tasks from managing volunteers to healthcare processes. Building Trust in the Age of AI An important part of ChilliDB's AI initiative is focusing on trust. In today's world, where handling sensitive data is crucial, ChilliDB is committed to creating secure and ethical AI solutions. By seeking user feedback and improving security measures, ChilliDB aims to ensure its AI solutions are not just advanced but also trustworthy. Creating a Framework for AI in Client Management AI integration is on the horizon for ChilliDB. We are looking at integrating features such as Predictive Analytics, Automated Data Entry, Personalised Recommendations, Automated Reporting, Assistance in Case/Event/Membership Management and more. These tools can help us produce high-quality solutions tailored to specific audiences. 1. Not-for-Profit Organisations: Volunteer Management: Match volunteers with suitable opportunities based on their skills and interests. Event Forecasting: Predict attendance and required resources for future events based on past data. Stakeholder Engagement: Gauge and enhance engagement levels of donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Resource Allocation: Optimise the use of available resources based on predicted demand or community feedback. Tailored Communication: Customise communication for different audience segments. Automated Reporting: Streamline the generation of stakeholder updates. 2. Health Client Management Systems: Medication Management: Track and manage patient medications, ensuring no drug interactions. Appointment Scheduling: Optimise and manage patient appointments based on their history and preferences. Billing Automation: Streamline the billing process and detect fraudulent claims. Resource Allocation: Predict patient inflow and allocate resources like beds and medical equipment accordingly. Telemedicine Enhancement: Improve virtual consultations with AI tools like real-time transcription. 3. Community Organisations: Community Engagement Analysis: Measure and enhance community interactions and feedback. Event and Workshop Planning: Efficiently plan community events based on past attendance and feedback. Skill Matching: Connect volunteers with relevant opportunities based on their skills and interests. Safety and Risk Assessment: Ensure the safety of community events by predicting potential risks. Community Trend Analysis: Stay updated with emerging community trends by analysing social media and news sources. Future Outlook: AI and Client Management Evolution ChilliDB is not just adopting AI but actively shaping it to meet the practical needs of users and communities. ChilliDB is dedicated to pioneering practical, trust-based AI solutions. The progress made in 2023 has established a basis for future developments, where AI is seen as a key tool in providing efficient, ethical, and personalised client management experiences. ChilliDB is at the forefront of this development, focusing on excellence and trust. References: Ai in health care: Applications, benefits, and examples. Coursera. (n.d.). De Saulles, M. (2023, March 30). 5 ways ai will transform CRM. CIO. Fine, A., & Kanter, B. (2021, December 9). How smart tech is transforming nonprofits. Harvard Business Review. NCBI. “The potential for artificial intelligence in healthcare,” Why machine learning is the best segmentation. Dataro. (n.d.).

  • ChilliDB New Updates and Features

    In 2024 ChillIDB is heading towards gearing up for a big year ahead with some exciting new product features. From our monthly generalised improvements to Gmail add-in, newly created Dashboard Presets, Q-Code App and AI are all underway. This month within the upcoming update, we have concentrated on practical enhancements that directly benefit your daily operations in the NFP, Community, and Health sectors as we focus on a February launch on our highly requested Gmail Add-in. These updates can be utilised to streamline your workflow, enhance efficiency, and improve client engagement. Pre-Release Updates Coming Soon: Q-Code App for Event Management - Launching Soon: The anticipation is building for the release of the Q-code app, an addition to ChilliDB's event management tools. QR codes have taken event management to the next level, offering convenience and efficiency in tracking attendees, making check-ins a breeze, and even collecting valuable data. This app is set to make our event management module even smarter and easier to keep all data in one place with ChiliDB. Check-In Efficiency: Prepare to experience a seamless start to your events as the Q-code app dramatically accelerates the check-in process Unparalleled Accuracy and Data Insights: The Q-code app isn't just about speed; it's a powerful tool for precise attendance tracking and rich data collection on participant engagement. These insights are invaluable for refining your event strategies and enhancing future planning. And more, for a more detailed look into our up-and-coming qcode app, click here Introducing the ChilliDB Q-Code App. Pre-Release Teaser For Q-CODE App Pre-Release Updates Coming Next Month: New Added Dashboard/ Visualisation Presets Real-Time Insights: With the addition of 'News' and 'My Client' panels, your dashboard becomes a hub of real-time information. This feature enables you to stay updated with the latest developments and client information, ensuring you're always a step ahead in planning and response. Personalised Data Visualisation: Our new visualisation tools, including customisable colour palettes, empower you to present data in a way that's both informative and visually appealing. This feature is particularly useful for reports and presentations, where data needs to be both accurate and engaging. Pre-Release Teaser For My Clients Generalised Updates New Notification Centre Update: The revamped search notification centre in ChilliDB now prevents duplicate queries, saving you valuable time and reducing frustration. This means you can focus more on analysis and decision-making, rather than sifting through redundant data. Enhanced Search Functionality: The improved search functionality, with dynamic URL updates and Quick Link creation, makes finding specific data faster and more user-friendly. This enhancement means less time spent searching for information and more time utilising it for strategic planning. Sensitive and Accurate Contact Management: The new 'Deceased' custom field addresses the need for sensitive data handling. This feature allows for respectful and accurate record-keeping, ensuring your client data reflects real-world changes with empathy and precision. Simplified Event Management: The 'Select All' option for event registrations and the improved session selection tools are designed to make event management more efficient. These tools help you save time on administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on creating more engaging and successful events. Flexible Case Management: The updates in case management offer greater flexibility, allowing for a more tailored approach to each case. This means you can adapt the system to better fit the unique requirements of each situation, leading to more effective case handling.

  • Harnessing Data to Amplify Impact: Are Your Nonprofit Programs Effective?

    Every day, organisations strive to uplift communities, improve health outcomes, and drive positive change. But how can they ensure that their initiatives are creating the desired results? The key lies in leveraging data effectively. Understanding the Power of Data in Nonprofit Management The key to unlocking the potential of data lies in evaluating how effectively a nonprofit or community organisation is achieving its mission and objectives. By delving into both quantitative and qualitative data, organisations can unearth invaluable insights into the impact and effectiveness of their programmes and initiatives. This is where ChilliDB, a premier Australian client management solution, plays a vital role. Why is Data-Driven Decision Making Crucial? Funding and Grants: Regular and thorough reporting can significantly influence future funding decisions. Demonstrating the tangible impact and efficacy of programmes can be a critical determinant for grantors in the allocation of funds. Building Trust with Stakeholders: Platforms such as Charity Navigator and GuideStar significantly sway donor decisions. By presenting data-driven outcomes, nonprofits can establish trust and credibility, ensuring sustained support from donors and the broader community. Operational Efficiency: Consistent evaluation and feedback mechanisms ensure optimal utilisation of resources. Through meticulous data analysis, organisations can refine their strategies to better align with their mission. ChilliDB: Your Partner in Data-Driven Impact ChilliDB offers an extensive array of tools specifically designed for nonprofits, health organisations, and community services. From membership management to event coordination, ChilliDB ensures that all data is centralised, accessible, and actionable. Key Features of ChilliDB: Membership Management Web Forms and Messaging Custom Fields and Case Management Event and Contract Management Client Administration and Email Marketing / Newsletters Staying Ahead with ChilliDB In the pursuit of making a significant difference, data emerges as a formidable ally. By forging a partnership with ChilliDB, nonprofits and community organisations can ensure that their efforts are strategically directed where they are most needed, thereby amplifying their impact and driving substantial, meaningful change. Conclusion In the quest to make a difference, data is a powerful ally. By partnering with ChilliDB, nonprofits and community organizations can ensure that their efforts are directed where they matter the most, amplifying their impact and driving meaningful change. References: The Importance of Nonprofit Data - Montana Nonprofit Association 13 Ways Data Is Changing How Nonprofit Leaders Conduct Business - Forbes The Importance of Data Analysis for Nonprofit Organizations - LinkedIn

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  • Pricing | ChilliDB

    Priced competitively so you can focus on your business ChilliDB offers three different license plans: Essentials, Premium and Enterprise. Choose the right license for your organisation from our three license plans starting with our Essentials plan from $26 per user per month. GET STARTED WATCH DEMOS PRICING Essential $26 / User / Month* Includes an exclusive user license. Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Suitable for small groups and start ups. FEATURES BUY NOW Premium $41 / User / Month* Offers an exclusive user license. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Exclusive features including web controls, Outlook plugin and more ​ Suitable for all organisations. FEATURES BUY NOW Enterprise Call us for a quote Supports more users for less cost. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts. ​ Suitable for Government departments and large enterprises. FEATURES ENQUIRE ​ ​ * All Pricing Excludes GST and System Establishment Fee Shared $53 / User / Month* Most Popular Shared - Concurrent licenses are also avaliable on the Premium and Enterprise plans. Shared licenses allow multiple staff to share a license when only one staff member needs access at a time. These licenses are very cost effective for large staff numbers and infrequent staff access. ENQUIRE *You can buy both a shared account and individual accounts together so those that always need access can. ​ Included Extras ​ ​ Confidentiality of information ​ Your data is stored onshore in Australia ​ Ability to track premium support hours. ​ Access to training videos. ​ 24x7 monitoring for servers and ChilliDB service. ​ ​ Nightly backups of your data. ​ Dedicated URL and SSL certificates for encrypted communication. ​ Ongoing product updates. ​ Access to the ChilliDB Helpdesk: For lodging product questions and requests. In addition to access to the ChilliDB platform, the monthly license includes the following services: ​ Featues ​ Features ChilliDB provides a variety of features to suit your organisation's needs. View the table below to find out which modules are included in each plan. Features Essential Premium Enterprise $26 / User / Month $41 / User / Month Call us for a quote Contact and Organisation Event Management Case Management Membership Management Distribution Lists and Message Templates Donor Tracking Appointments Groups Asset Register Mailchimp Integration Custom Fields Webcontrols Outlook/Gmail Addin Staff Timesheets and Leave Survey Management Document Register ABN Validation Full Address Lookup Data Mining Visualisation Upload your own Reports Xero Integration DB Reporting Account API Client Administration Contract Management Module Builder SMS What People Say “All in all ChilliDB is a well-designed and executed database, and the SQL interface is a key asset for us. The reporting views and direct access to the data tables make it easy to integrate downstream analytics and other data consumer apps.” — Dr Steven Darlow Data analytics contractor (primary health/PHN sector) Australian cloud hosted web platform without the software install headaches Benefits Engage clients and stakeholders effortlessly Deliver Better Outcomes from Programs / Services Improve efficiency and productivity Australian Hosted, secure & accessible anywhere Single Source of Truth Report More Accurately ​ Free support including access to our Help Desk and Help Centre Integrate with your Website in less than 30min ​ Risk free 30 day cancellation ONSHORE DATA ChilliDB is owned by an Australian company which means all of your data remains in Australia! LEARN MORE ​ Some of our clients in the Not for Profit, Community and Health sectors.

  • ChilliDB - CRM for Not for Profit, Health & Community

    Leading Australian CLIENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION An Australian-designed and hosted client management solution tailored to the NFP, Community and health industry. TRY FOR FREE Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partn PHN-Brisbane-North-Logo_JPEG_2x Show More About ChilliDB Elevate your performance with Chillidb's Client management solutions. Our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that empower and are tailored to non-profits, health, community and associations to streamline their operations, enhance their fundraising capabilities, and managing contact data and more. Data management simplified, mission impact amplified See All Programs Health Services Not For Profit Community Services Associations Domestic Violence Football Community Key Features See All Features Membership Management Web Forms Messaging Contact Management Custom Fields Case Managment Contract Management Event Management Client Administration Marketing Integrations Outlook Xero myob Gmail funraisin Keep Up To Date AI Revolutionising Client Management Systems: A Comprehensive Guide 43 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 The Future of Client Management: ChilliDB at the Forefront of 2023 Trends 46 1 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Industry Insights: Empowering Domestic Violence Support Organisations 51 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 To ensure you stay in the loop of update notes, helpful tips and insightful articles subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE TO CHILLIDB NEWS LOOKING FOR PRICING? Choose from a variety of pricing options that best suit your company and your needs PRICING Stay up to date

  • Access to Allied Psych. Services (ATAPS) | ChilliDB

    ATAPS ​ ​ ChilliDB has a specialised ATAPS module which was developed in consultation with our clients. The ChilliDB ATAPS module has been trusted by countless organisations for many years to manage and report on the ATAPS program. GET STARTED WATCH DEMOS ACCESS TO ALLIED PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (ATAPS) Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) was introduced to enable GPs under the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care program to refer consumers to allied health professionals to deliver focussed psychological strategies. ChilliDB has a specialised ATAPS module which was developed in consultation with our clients. The ChilliDB ATAPS module has been trusted by countless organisations for many years to manage and report on the ATAPS program. This module enables your staff, be they coordinators of the program, or providers delivering the services, to securely manage all of your patient, referral and sessional information in the ChilliDB system. ChilliDB ATAPS Delivers Better Outcomes The ATAPS Module extends ChilliDB allowing you to leverage other modules such as Contacts, Organisations, Purchase Orders, Messaging and Surveys to securely manage and review: Summaries of diagnostic presentations Summaries of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) delivered Patterns of referrals Referrals to each Allied Health Professional Patients who have been referred, but not yet presented Monitor improvement in mental health outcomes based on outcome measure data. Capturing your ATAPS data within ChilliDB means you can still keep your data in one central and secure location and you can also easily report this program data to your stakeholders. Send and Track referrals through ChilliDB for your Providers to be able to log into ChilliDB and securely manage their Patient. Benefits Using ChilliDB and the ATAPS module makes your life easier. If you are an existing ChilliDB client, you can quickly add this module to your system. If you are looking for a client management system to manage ATAPS - take advantage of the other functionality available in ChilliDB - ChilliDB can assist your whole organisation.​ Centralised Information Storage All of your data is in ChilliDB - Patients, Sessions, Referrals, Referrers, General Practitioners and Allied Health Streamlined Export / Import MDS Reporting Press a button and your data is exported into a special format required by the MDS website Commissioning Organisations can provide limited access to Providers Allowing the Providers to see their Patients and enter their Session data. The Commissioning Organisation can oversee and manage all ATAPS program delivery and report the information as required Streamlined Reporting to the MDS Website The ATAPS Module allows you to easily export your minimum datasets (MDS) for Patients, Referrals and Sessions and take this data to the MDS website and upload it. This saves valuable time by not forcing you to rekey information into external reporting systems. This data is exported to the format specified by the MDS website. GET STARTED Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you! REQUEST A FREE DEMO

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