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  • Module Builder Part V: Enabling User Allocations in a Custom Module

    Enabling User Allocations in a Custom Module: In module builder, users can assign staff to entries and restrict access to entries based upon choices made in the user allocation field. We will be using a custom module called Enquiry to demonstrate this function. In this example, we want to allocate staff to different enquiries and restrict access based upon these allocations. Users can do so by following the steps below: • Create a new custom field (for example: ‘Allocate Manager’) with ‘Contact’ chosen for the ‘Field Type’ field and choose the appropriate option in the ‘Data Source’ field according to your requirements. Here, we are only going to allocate staff that have user accounts to the Enquiry module. • Go to the module builder Maintain page by navigating to System - Custom Fields - Module Builder and select the Enquiry custom module. Then, tick the ‘Allow User Allocation’ field. In the ‘User Allocation Field’, choose the field we created above - Allocate Manager - from the drop-down menu to support this user allocation for the custom module. • Create a new entry for the Enquiry module and assign a user to handle this enquiry. • When an entry is made in the Enquiry module screen, and a user is added to the ‘Allocate Manager’ field, an alert will be sent to the user who is in this field. Note: This will occur the first time the user is added or when a user is changed. The alert will not be sent if the person allocated is the same person who is creating the entry. • Users can see only those enquiries that are allocated to them. For example: Jason Wilson can only see those enquiries which are allocated to him. Setting Administrator Permissions to Enable Them to View All Entries Administrators can view all enquiries in their system by adding the ‘ENQUIRY MANAGER’ ticket to their user role. When set, this overrides the user allocation restriction so that they can see all client enquiries. Note: Your ChilliDB system only shows this ticket if the User Allocation feature was added as above.

  • Module Builder Part IV: Showing/Hiding Sections in a Custom Module

    Showing/Hiding Sections in a Custom Module The module builder can show/hide sections based upon the values in a drop-down field in the user module. Users can achieve this by stating a drop-down list (required field) is needed in the base section of the custom module. Then, in the module builder interface, users can select Enable Visible for Types support field to control the visibility of sections related to this field. Let us take the example of an Accommodation custom module that has been created to understand the concept of show/hide sections based on the values in a drop-down list. Note: A lookup list can be a list by itself, a parent list to another child list in the module or a child list. Follow these steps to support section visibility by type: • Go to the System main menu item and select ‘Custom Fields’. Choose the Accommodation module from the drop-down list. In the Base section of this module, create a field called ‘Accommodation Type’ with a drop-down list that has the options ‘House’; ‘Unit’; and ‘Room’. • Next, go to the System main menu item and choose ‘Custom Fields - Module Builder’. On the next page, select the Accommodation custom module. Then, on the module details page, tick the ‘Enable Visible for Types Support’ field and choose ‘Accommodation Type’ in the ‘Lookup list field’ to control the visibility of certain sections based on this lookup field. • Once this has been done, go back to the System menu and select Custom Fields. Choose the Accommodation module from the drop-down list, and create a new section called ‘House requirements’ for this module. While creating this section, make sure to uncheck the ‘All Types’ option. After doing so, you should see a list of the lookup items entered when creating the Accommodation Type field. In the example above, the ‘Enable Visible for Types support Lookup list field’ should contain items from Accommodation Type, from where you can select whether the section is visible to the ‘House’; ‘Unit’; or ‘Room’ type. • To limit the visibility of this section to the ‘House’ type, choose ‘House’ in ‘Visible for Types’. Then, click ‘Save.’ • After doing this, when creating a new record for the Accommodation custom module, none of the individual sections will be visible to users until they select an Accommodation Type from the drop-down menu. Once a type is chosen, the relevant fields will be visible. • Now, if users choose the ‘House’ value from the drop-down list, the House Requirements section will become visible. By following these steps, users can hide/show sections of custom module builder based on the item types available, and the sections created in custom fields.

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    Leading Australian Client Management Solution An Australian-designed and hosted client management solution tailored to the NFP, Community and health industry. TRY FOR FREE FREE DEMONSTRATION TAILORED TO Elevate your performance with Chillidb's Client management solutions. Our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that empower and are tailored to non-profits, health, community and associations to streamline their operations, enhance their fundraising capabilities, and managing contact data and more. Not for Profit Health Community Read More Read More Read More Association Read More WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE CHILLIDB Customisable Client Management System Scalable and Flexible: CRM management solutions for any sized company ​ A User Friendly Client Management System By easily allowing you to add and remove additional data capture fields to the system, you can be sure that no matter what, ChilliDB can accommodate all your information capture needs. ​ Customised To Your Own Individual Business Model ChilliDB morphs into your own system, tailored especially for you, by you or with the support from friendly Polymorphic Solutions Staff, making it easily adopted by your staff. ​ Focused On Managing The Services Provided Such as case management, customer service and the interactions with your stakeholders and clients instead of tools to support sales and marketing automation. ​ Specified To What Works For You You can define specific workflows unique to your business, describe your own fields, profile key attributes and create your own screens, tabs, lists and views – without having to do any programming. Excel Spreadsheet Integration Looking for a program that can import all your spreadsheet information? ChilliDB can do that also, making it easy to get organised quickly! START MY FREE TRIAL CHILLIDB DEMO Some of our clients in the Not for Profit, Community and Health sectors. PHN-Brisbane-North-Logo_JPEG_2x Show More Key Features Case and Contract Management Save time with Case management and Contract management tools with dedicated support for various national programs.​ ​ Popular Features: ​ ​ Contract Management Life Cycle Refereals and Allocation Case Templates Data Mining Website Forms Integrate with your website in less than 30 mins! Event and membership signup forms, service directories, newsletter subscriptions and more! Popular Features: ​​ ​ Events Listings Membership Forms WATCH DEMOS CRM Management and Communication Manage your clients and customer service through effective communication. Store contact details, notes and interactions so that they are easily accessible by relative staff. Popular Features: Email Reminders and Alert Functionality Notes and role based security Custom Fields Event Management Take the stress out of Event Planning and Management with ChilliDB's Event Management capability. Popular Features: Create Events Advanced Search Event Surveys Attendee Signatory sheet Integration with ChilliDB How do you make ChilliDB even better? Integrate it with the apps you already use. From Outlook emails, to invoicing with Xero and even integration with Mail chimp. ​ Popular Features: Xero Integration Mailchimp Integration Outlook Plug In Membership Management Simplify your membership management with support for unlimited members, paid and non-paid membership and renewal tracking. Popular Features: Distribution list Set up reminders Workflow Processes GET STARTED Try ChilliDB for free for 30 days TRY FOR FREE Keep Up To Date Why a client management system is important for not-for-profit organisations in 2023 19 0 Post not marked as liked Getting ChilliDB Organised 49 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 Benefits of change management for Nonprofits 14 0 Post not marked as liked To ensure you stay in the loop of update notes, helpful tips and insightful articles subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE TO CHILLIDB NEWS Engage Your Clients and Stakeholders ChilliDB will assist you in engaging with your clients and stakeholders effortlessly allowing you to capture and manage all information you need to track including Address, Communication, Relationship and Demographic details. Build your customer service and customer relationship today. Deliver better outcomes from programs / services Fully cloud base, up and running in days with no IT skills required A database that has your data stored and backed up securely onshore in an Australian data centre Dedicated support team on hand to help you get up and running successfully and maximize your investment in ChilliDB WHAT PEOPLE SAY Reviews Liaising with the ChilliDB team. Easy to work with! Great customer support and great value for money Dina M PSO Coordinator Medical Practice We chose ChilliDB for their case management module, we at Northern Rivers Childrens Services are very Happy we chose ChilliDB over other systems as it talks to dex unlike other competitors Lindy O'Brien Northern Rivers Children's Services limited I'm really happy with ChilliDB and I would recommend them for anyone needing a great Client management Software ​ Sarah Murphy Advocate Monash Graduate Association Leave a review Leave a Capterra review LOOKING FOR PRICING? 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    Priced competitively so you can focus on your business ChilliDB offers three different license plans: Essentials, Premium and Enterprise. Choose t