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  • 2023 AI Review of Trends - What's coming in 2024 and beyond for ChilliDB AI:

    The year 2023 was a key turning point in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Notably, ChatGPT, a leading AI tool, expanded rapidly demonstrating the growing public interest in AI technologies. Microsoft's strategic partnership with OpenAI, marked by a $10 billion investment, set the stage for this expansion. 2023 was also a year of intense competition among tech giants. Google unveiled Bard, its answer to ChatGPT, while Microsoft enhanced Bing with AI capabilities. Amazon wasn't far behind, introducing Bedrock for AWS, enabling customers to leverage generative AI models and more. These new possibilities for AI have begun within ChillIDB which will be coming in the future to better advance our Client Management system for our not-for-profit, community and health organisations. ChilliDB's Beginning with AI in Client Management ChilliDB has started its journey to integrate AI into client management. Realising the potential of AI, ChilliDB initiated plans to incorporate AI into its services. This initiative aimed to improve sectors such as not-for-profits, healthcare, and community organisations, enhancing tasks from managing volunteers to healthcare processes. Building Trust in the Age of AI An important part of ChilliDB's AI initiative is focusing on trust. In today's world, where handling sensitive data is crucial, ChilliDB is committed to creating secure and ethical AI solutions. By seeking user feedback and improving security measures, ChilliDB aims to ensure its AI solutions are not just advanced but also trustworthy. Creating a Framework for AI in Client Management AI integration is on the horizon for ChilliDB. We are looking at integrating features such as Predictive Analytics, Automated Data Entry, Personalised Recommendations, Automated Reporting, Assistance in Case/Event/Membership Management and more. These tools can help us produce high-quality solutions tailored to specific audiences. 1. Not-for-Profit Organisations: Volunteer Management: Match volunteers with suitable opportunities based on their skills and interests. Event Forecasting: Predict attendance and required resources for future events based on past data. Stakeholder Engagement: Gauge and enhance engagement levels of donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Resource Allocation: Optimise the use of available resources based on predicted demand or community feedback. Tailored Communication: Customise communication for different audience segments. Automated Reporting: Streamline the generation of stakeholder updates. 2. Health Client Management Systems: Medication Management: Track and manage patient medications, ensuring no drug interactions. Appointment Scheduling: Optimise and manage patient appointments based on their history and preferences. Billing Automation: Streamline the billing process and detect fraudulent claims. Resource Allocation: Predict patient inflow and allocate resources like beds and medical equipment accordingly. Telemedicine Enhancement: Improve virtual consultations with AI tools like real-time transcription. 3. Community Organisations: Community Engagement Analysis: Measure and enhance community interactions and feedback. Event and Workshop Planning: Efficiently plan community events based on past attendance and feedback. Skill Matching: Connect volunteers with relevant opportunities based on their skills and interests. Safety and Risk Assessment: Ensure the safety of community events by predicting potential risks. Community Trend Analysis: Stay updated with emerging community trends by analysing social media and news sources. Future Outlook: AI and Client Management Evolution ChilliDB is not just adopting AI but actively shaping it to meet the practical needs of users and communities. ChilliDB is dedicated to pioneering practical, trust-based AI solutions. The progress made in 2023 has established a basis for future developments, where AI is seen as a key tool in providing efficient, ethical, and personalised client management experiences. ChilliDB is at the forefront of this development, focusing on excellence and trust. References: Ai in health care: Applications, benefits, and examples. Coursera. (n.d.). De Saulles, M. (2023, March 30). 5 ways ai will transform CRM. CIO. Fine, A., & Kanter, B. (2021, December 9). How smart tech is transforming nonprofits. Harvard Business Review. NCBI. “The potential for artificial intelligence in healthcare,” Why machine learning is the best segmentation. Dataro. (n.d.).

  • ChilliDB New Updates and Features

    In 2024 ChillIDB is heading towards gearing up for a big year ahead with some exciting new product features. From our monthly generalised improvements to Gmail add-in, newly created Dashboard Presets, Q-Code App and AI are all underway. This month within the upcoming update, we have concentrated on practical enhancements that directly benefit your daily operations in the NFP, Community, and Health sectors as we focus on a February launch on our highly requested Gmail Add-in. These updates can be utilised to streamline your workflow, enhance efficiency, and improve client engagement. Pre-Release Updates Coming Soon: Q-Code App for Event Management - Launching Soon: The anticipation is building for the release of the Q-code app, an addition to ChilliDB's event management tools. QR codes have taken event management to the next level, offering convenience and efficiency in tracking attendees, making check-ins a breeze, and even collecting valuable data. This app is set to make our event management module even smarter and easier to keep all data in one place with ChiliDB. Check-In Efficiency: Prepare to experience a seamless start to your events as the Q-code app dramatically accelerates the check-in process Unparalleled Accuracy and Data Insights: The Q-code app isn't just about speed; it's a powerful tool for precise attendance tracking and rich data collection on participant engagement. These insights are invaluable for refining your event strategies and enhancing future planning. And more, for a more detailed look into our up-and-coming qcode app, click here Introducing the ChilliDB Q-Code App. Pre-Release Teaser For Q-CODE App Pre-Release Updates Coming Next Month: New Added Dashboard/ Visualisation Presets Real-Time Insights: With the addition of 'News' and 'My Client' panels, your dashboard becomes a hub of real-time information. This feature enables you to stay updated with the latest developments and client information, ensuring you're always a step ahead in planning and response. Personalised Data Visualisation: Our new visualisation tools, including customisable colour palettes, empower you to present data in a way that's both informative and visually appealing. This feature is particularly useful for reports and presentations, where data needs to be both accurate and engaging. Pre-Release Teaser For My Clients Generalised Updates New Notification Centre Update: The revamped search notification centre in ChilliDB now prevents duplicate queries, saving you valuable time and reducing frustration. This means you can focus more on analysis and decision-making, rather than sifting through redundant data. Enhanced Search Functionality: The improved search functionality, with dynamic URL updates and Quick Link creation, makes finding specific data faster and more user-friendly. This enhancement means less time spent searching for information and more time utilising it for strategic planning. Sensitive and Accurate Contact Management: The new 'Deceased' custom field addresses the need for sensitive data handling. This feature allows for respectful and accurate record-keeping, ensuring your client data reflects real-world changes with empathy and precision. Simplified Event Management: The 'Select All' option for event registrations and the improved session selection tools are designed to make event management more efficient. These tools help you save time on administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on creating more engaging and successful events. Flexible Case Management: The updates in case management offer greater flexibility, allowing for a more tailored approach to each case. This means you can adapt the system to better fit the unique requirements of each situation, leading to more effective case handling.

  • 2024 Australian Not for Profit Grants

    Introduction Securing funding is a pivotal aspect for many organisations, especially those in the not-for-profit.  2024 heralds a landscape replete with grant opportunities. Navigating these opportunities necessitates a thorough understanding of the available grants, their application processes, and effective management strategies. ChilliDB emerges as a crucial tool in this journey, offering robust CRM solutions to streamline grant management. In this guide, we'll walk you through some noteworthy grants of 2024, share resources to keep you updated and offer tips to enhance your grant application process. Key Grants for 2024: The year 2024 offers a diverse array of grants for Australian not-for-profits, each characterised by distinct goals, requirements, and deadlines. Some notable opportunities include: Generalised Grants Community Grants Program by Yarra Ranges Council: Supporting local community groups and creatives, with a deadline in mid-2023 for 2024 projects. Various Grants from Volunteering Australia: Offering five different grants tailored to various organisational needs and objectives. National Justice Reinvestment Program: An open, non-competitive funding opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led justice reinvestment initiatives. Open until Tuesday, 10 September. Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program: Eligible organisations can apply for funding for projects that promote appreciation and understanding of Australia’s wartime heritage. Open until Tuesday, 6 February. Community Services Inclusive Communities Grants: Funding for projects that support the social and economic participation of vulnerable communities. Open until Tuesday, 20 February. Healthy Masculinities Trial and Evaluation: $2.95 million over three years is available to foster healthy masculinities in school-aged boys. Open until Tuesday, 20 February. Strengthening Rural Communities – Small and Vital: Grants of up to $10,000 available for grassroots, community-led initiatives. Open until Monday, 26 February. Each of these grants demands a detailed application, adherence to specific guidelines, and rigorous reporting post-award, which can be challenging for many organisations. Resources for Staying Updated Regularly check this site for the latest grant listings. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for timely updates. Community Grants Hub: Another excellent resource that offers a variety of grants, especially for community-based projects. Philanthropy Australia: For those looking beyond government grants, this platform connects philanthropic organizations with projects in need. Streamlining Grant Management: Tips Stay Ahead of Deadlines: Utilise ChilliDBs calendar system to track application and reporting deadlines. Understand Grant Requirements: Comprehending each grant's unique requirements is crucial for a successful application. Maintain Accurate Records: Keep detailed records of expenditures and project progress for reporting purposes. ChilliDB: Your Partner in Grant Management ChilliDB, as a CRM solution, plays an integral role in managing these complex processes. Here's how it can assist: Centralised Information: Store all grant-related data, from application details to reporting deadlines, in one accessible location. Streamlined Reporting: Generate and manage detailed reports easily, aligning with grantors' requirements. Excel Spreadsheet Integration: Looking for a program that can import all your spreadsheet information? ChilliDB can do that also, making it easy to get organised quickly! Custom Fields, Form Building: A powerful feature within ChilliDB is the ability to easily create your own forms and add fields into those forms without the need for application development. More Information on ChilliDB for Not for Profits:A CRM for Australian Not for Profits ( Conclusion The year 2024 offers exciting grant opportunities for Australian not-for-profits. By leveraging the capabilities of ChilliDB, organisations can navigate the grant application process more efficiently, stay on top of reporting obligations, and ultimately, focus more on their core mission References: Our Community. (n.d.). Winning Grants Funding in Australia - The Step by Step Guide. Retrieved from Philanthropy Australia. (n.d.). How to seek funding. Retrieved from The Grants Hub. (n.d.). How to Write a Grant Application: Our Top 10 Tips for Success. Retrieved from The Grants Hub. (n.d.). Tips To Successful Government Grant Applications. Retrieved from

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  • Case Management | ChilliDB

    By Industry Health Services By Category Features Home and Community Community Services Not for Profit Associations By Need Client Administration Add ins Case Management Client Management Event Management Contract Management Membership Management Pricing Store About ChilliDB What is ChilliDB? News What's New Our Story NFP, Community, Health What is a CRM? Contact Us Help Help Centre Training Webinars Help Desk Articles New User System Status Case Management Get started with ChilliDB 1. Process Configuration r r Create a new Case Categorisation Full Guides Free Trial ​ Thank you for sigining up for a free trial this webpage will be a day to day guide that will help you get the most out of your ChilliDB Trial. r Navigate to the Process Configuration Maintenance screen r Creating a process configuration ( 2. Process Definition r r Create the Process Structure Full Guides r Case Process Definitions ( 3. Create a Case (as a Case Manager) r r Add the case details r Allocate the case to a case worker r Accepting the case (as a case worker) r Referring the case (as a case worker) r Declining the case (as a case worker) r Full Guides Creating and Allocating Cases ( Create a Case (as a Case worker) r Search for a case r r Full Guides Introduction to ChilliDB Search Looking to advance to the next section? Getting Started with ChilliDB Looking to Upgrade to a plan? Wanting to continue to use ChilliDB? View our pricing and plans so we can best suit your every need. PLANS

  • Events | ChilliDB

    By Industry Health Services Community Services Not for Profit Associations By Category Features Home and Community Modules Demonstration Demonstation Videos Demonstation Request By Need Client Administration Case Management Client Management Event Management Donor Relationship management Marketing Automation Contract Management Membership Management Add ins Outlook SMS messaging Website forms Custom Fields Website Forms Pricing Store About ChilliDB What is ChilliDB? Our Story News What's New Features NFP, Community, Health What is a CRM? Contact Us Help Help Centre Help Desk Articles System Status Training Webinars Demonstation Videos New User New User Start up Packages Free Trial ​ Thank you for signing up for a free trial. This web page is designed to be a day-to-day guide to help you get the most out of your ChilliDB trial ​ Step-Through Guides: These provide users with links to articles/videos that guide them in the ChilliDB learning process. Action Tasks: These tasks compliment the instructions provided in the articles/videos by prompting users to perform certain tasks. Events Get started with ChilliDB 1. Subscriptions r Step through guide r Create an Event Action Tasks: r Experiment with selecting the ‘Yes’ option for ‘Do you charge for this product?’. Note: you may have to create a product when prompted to ‘Select product’ in the ‘Price’ field. r Experiment with selecting the ‘Yes’ option for ‘Use sessions’. Then set up the sessions via the ‘Sessions’ tab once your event is saved. r Register at least one contact/organisation as an attendee for this event - under the ‘Registered’ tab on the Event Details page. r Add an attendee for each of the other categories in the tabs on the Event Details page - ‘Registered - Not Paid’ to ‘Waitlist’. r Use the ‘Create Like’ option in the Actions menu (top right-hand corner of the page inside the blue band) on the Event Details page to create a similar event at a future date. 2. Events r Step through guide Events Calendar r Action Tasks: r Find the event you created in Part 1. Create an Event & click on it. r Review the details of this event on the Event Details page. 3. Membership r Step through guide Events List r Action Tasks: r Enter the start date of the event you created in Part 1. Create an Event in the search field at the top of the page. r Click on the ‘Register/More Information’ link & then review the details of this event on the Event Details page. 4. Listings r Step through guide Events Search r Action Tasks: r Search for the event you added in Part 1. Create an Event by title. r Display all of the events in your system. r Display your events (those you have created/worked with in some way). r Use ‘New Filter’ to create filters to search for an event (try to use at least 2 filters). Then save this filter under ‘My Filters’. r 5. Forms 6. Donations r r 7. Email Event Certificates Looking to advance to the next section? Getting Started with ChilliDB Looking to Upgrade to a plan? Wanting to continue to use ChilliDB? View our pricing and plans so we can best suit your every need. PLANS

  • Domestic Violence | chillidb

    PRODUCT ↓ SOLUTIONS ↓ COMPANY ↓ PRICING ↓ SUPPORT ↓ CONTACT US TRY FOR FREE DV SOFTWARE An Australian-designed and hosted client management solution tailored to the domestic violence sector. Unmatched Security and Case Sensitivity for Sensitive Data. ChilliDB understands Domestic Violence organisations face challenges delivering services with both ensuring their sensitive information is secure, and being in a position to efficiently record and report of all of the activities undertaken to the many separate and different reporting bodies. ​ ChilliDB sensitive cases module supports case workers in gathering sensitive information, and ensures all ChilliDB data is secure and encypted. Regardless of who you are or how you operate the program, ChilliDB allows you the flexibility to manage this program. ​ Get more Government Grants with ChilliDB for Domestic Violence 60% Increase of report efficiency ∞ 75% Increase in operational efficency and accuracy of data captured. Amount of client data Key Features Client Management Allows you to isolate clients that are provided services into individual programs, implement security around who can work with those clients in each of those programs, and then build all of the forms that you need to support that program using a collection of features to fast track your setup. Case Managment and Sensitivity Assign each user to a specific role and restrict access to only the information you want them to see. Manage sensitivity to ensure private and confidential information remains secure Events Management Organise small to large-scale events. Manage sponsors, attendees, dietary requirements, billing and facilities. Session control and event registration. Run attendance lists, name tags and certificates. Donation Management Receive and track donations and add custom fields to manage data. Analyse donor data and gain insights with tailored reporting. Use notes and messaging to track and automate communication with donors and clients. Distribution Lists Reach your clients easily using groups and distribution lists. Built in fax and SMS methods in addition to powerful email options. Membership Management Easily create and manage members within your membership packages. Track renewal dates and communicate with members that have membership due and overdue. Record all membership fees. Custom Fields Quickly add your own additional fields and make them immediately available for reporting and querying. ChilliDB can accommodate all your information needs. View All Features The Client Management software Trusted by Start your free 30 day trial. No card required. Essential $26 / User / Month* Premium $41 / User / Month* Enterprise Call us for a quote Includes an exclusive user license. Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Suitable for small groups and start ups. TRY FOR FREE Offers an exclusive user license. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Exclusive features including web controls, Outlook plugin and more ​ Suitable for all organisations. TRY FOR FREE Supports more users for less cost. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts. ​ Suitable for Government departments and large enterprises. TRY FOR FREE Stay up to date

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