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  • ChilliDB New Updates and Features

    ChilliDB, a leading Australian client management solution tailored for the NFP, Community, and Health industries, is always looking ahead. ChilliDB is constantly evolving, and we're excited to share some of the latest features and upcoming updates that we believe will enhance the experience for our users in the NFP, Community, and Health sectors. Q-Code App for Event Management The upcoming Q-code app is a significant addition to ChilliDB's event management toolkit. This app is designed to streamline the process of attendee check-in at events, offering several key benefits: Efficiency in Check-In Process: The Q-code app speeds up the check-in process, reducing queues and wait times. This leads to a smoother start to events and a better first impression for attendees. Accuracy and Data Collection: By using Q-codes for check-ins, event organisers can accurately track attendance and gather data on participant engagement. This information is crucial for post-event analysis and future planning. Enhanced Participant Experience: A quick and hassle-free check-in process improves the overall experience for attendees, contributing to their satisfaction and likelihood of attending future events. Reduced Paperwork and Environmental Impact: The digital nature of the Q-code app minimises the need for physical tickets or printouts, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Quoting and Invoicing Module The new quoting and invoicing module in ChilliDB is set to enhance the financial management capabilities of the platform. This module brings several advantages: Streamlined Financial Processes: Users can create, send, and manage quotes and invoices directly within ChilliDB, simplifying the financial workflow. Time-Saving: Automated templates and integration with client data reduce the time spent on creating and issuing quotes and invoices. Improved Accuracy: By automating the quoting and invoicing process, the likelihood of errors is significantly reduced, ensuring more accurate financial management. Enhanced Tracking and Reporting: Users can easily track outstanding invoices, payment statuses, and overall financial performance, aiding in better financial decision-making. Professionalism: The ability to generate professional-looking quotes and invoices directly from the system enhances the organisation's image in interactions with clients and partners. Customisation: The module allows for customisation to meet the specific needs of different organisations, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. We're thrilled to announce that, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, some of the visualisation presets we discussed about implementing are now live! This exciting rollout is a key add onto are already huge 3.4 update, which also introduces a revamped and more intuitive dashboard which is AVAILABLE NOW. New Added Dashboard/ Visualisation Presets Case Management Presets: Monthly Case Tracking: Track cases with visual graphs on a monthly basis. Cases by Status: Get an overview of Active and Closed Cases. Event Management Presets: Average Attendance Rate: Gauge the success of your events. Membership Management Presets: New Members Tally: Monitor new member registrations. Active Members Tally: Keep track of active members in real-time. Overall Membership Graph: Visualise membership trends over time.

  • Giving Tuesday: How to drive more people to your donation page for Increased Donations

    As we have had Giving Tuesday on 28 November and the upcoming Christmas festivities, it's the perfect moment to enhance your donation page's effectiveness. ChilliDB offers valuable strategies to attract more visitors to your donation page, aiming to boost donations for your cause. Your donation page is a seamless gateway for supporters to contribute to your cause from anywhere, at any time. However, having just a donation page isn't sufficient to motivate visitors to engage. Here’s some ideas on how you can drive traffic to your donation page: 1. Integrate into Main Menu Navigation Ease of Access: Include your donation page in the main menu, making it readily accessible for first-time visitors and returning supporters alike. Position it prominently on the far right, where it's most likely to catch the eye. Visual Highlight: Enhance visibility by adding a distinct colour background to the "donate" option, drawing attention instantly. 2. Feature in Your Website Footer Strategic Placement: Utilise the footer not just for contact details but also for essential links like your donation page. 3. Incorporate as a Call-To-Action in Content Content Integration: Regularly include a call-to-action in your blogs, videos, or podcasts, encouraging contributions to support more initiatives. Consistent Graphics: Develop a reusable graphic for your blog posts, saving time and maintaining consistency. 4. Link on Your Events Page Beyond Event Participation: For those unable to attend events, offer an alternative way to contribute by linking to your donation page. ChilliDB Webcontrols allows your visitors to view your Events calendar and register for an Event. All data is updated and stored in ChilliDB. You can link for paid events or alternatively on the same page link back to your donations. 5. Promote on Social Media Profiles Visibility in Profiles: Ensure your donation page link is visible across all social media platforms. Pinned Posts: Create engaging pinned posts highlighting the impact of donations. 6. Include in Email Newsletters Email Footer CTA: Add a donation button in your email footers, making it effortlessly discoverable. Impactful Storytelling: Share stories in your emails that might inspire donations. Additional Content Marketing Strategies: 1. Create Impactful Blog Posts Educational Content: Write blog posts that educate your audience about the significance of the giving season, share success stories, and discuss the impact of their contributions. Always at the end make sure you include a link to your donation page 2. Develop a Hashtag Campaign Create a unique hashtag for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Encourage your audience to use it when sharing related content, creating something memorable around your cause. Empowering Non-Profits with ChilliDB on Giving Tuesday: Enhanced Donor Engagement: Strengthen connections with supporters using our donor management tools. Efficient Donation Management with our Donation Web Control: The Donations web control helps you to maximise contributions and also saves staff time. Having a donation web control available on your website increases the likelihood a visitor to the site will donate, and makes it easier for them to do so. Our module integrates with platforms like PayPal for hassle-free donation processing. Strategic Communication: Utilise ChilliDB's email and SMS tools for effective communication about Giving Tuesday initiatives. Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into donor behaviour and campaign effectiveness with our reporting features. Comprehensive Donation Module: Manage donations efficiently, track trends, and integrate the process seamlessly into your website. Our diverse range of clients, from healthcare to community services, use ChilliDB not just as a tool, but as a partner in their mission. For more information on ChilliDB Webcontrols visit; Web Controls | ChilliDB Giving Tuesday symbolises more than just a day of giving; it represents hope and collective achievement. ChilliDB is committed to supporting non-profits in this journey of generosity and impact. #GivingTuesday2023 #ChilliDBImpact

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  • Partners | ChilliDB

    PRODUCT SOLUTIONS COMPANY PRICING SUPPORT More PARTNERS Polymorphic Solutions is interested in connecting with potential partners to deliver implementation, training and sales services around the ChilliDB product. This opportunity would suit: Services and consultants companies working in the NFP sector – skilled in information and change management, database mapping, systems implementation NFP sales and marketing companies - add a sector specific CRM/Case Management tool to their product portfolio Training companies for NFP’s – a working capability of ChilliDB must be developed to deliver this service Why ChilliDB? ChilliDB combines a powerful NFP sector specific CRM with a Case Management tool, integrating important functions like membership, events, surveys into a single system. An easy to use hosted platform, offering partners implementation and best practice servicing and revenue opportunities. To Find Out More Ph: 1300 65 72 43 or complete an enquiry form.

  • New Dashboard | ChilliDB

    Introducing ChilliDB's Powerful New Dashboard We're excited to announce the launch of ChilliDB's powerful new dashboard, meticulously designed to streamline your data management and save you invaluable time. TRY CHILLIDB FOR FREE ​ ​ Experience Seamless Data Management Like Never B efore ​ Discover a fresh, modern interface that places all your critical data right at your fingertips. Say goodbye to tedious navigation and embrace swift, data-driven decision-making. Our dashboard's intuitive vis ualis ation s and revamped panels are set to revolutionize the way you engage with your data. ​ TRY CHILLIDB FOR FREE FEATURES User-friendly software with powerful features. New Visual isation Options Unlock the power of data with our new visualis ation graphs! From bar charts to column charts, donuts to gau ges, and line charts to pie charts, we've got it all. Dive deep into insights with our radar, scatter charts, and intuitive tally displays. These tools not only make data interpretation seamless but also enhance decision-making, foster collaboration, and drive business growth Maximise Efficiency ​ Every feature is tailored to streamline your workflow: from real-time form submission tracking to a consolidated view of members and event countdowns, donation tracking and more. Dive into enriched client metrics that offer a deeper understanding of your interactions. The ChilliDB Dashboard isn't just a tool—it's your strategic advantage in making impactful decisions. User friendly With intuitive layouts, pre set visualisations, clear graph design, and responsive load times, users can navigate with ease, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity. Whether you're a seasoned ChilliDB veteran or a newcomer, the dashboard is crafted to cater to all proficiency levels, making data management feel like second nature. Dive in and experience simplicity at its finest. Customised Visualisation ​ Easily make visualis ations that show what's important to you. Use our data mining tools to dig into your data and find the information you care about. Whether you want to see specific trends, track certain numbers, or just get a better look at your data, our platform has you covered. You decide what you want to see, and our tools help you make it happen. Turn your data into clear visuals that help you make smart decisions.. ​ ​ Transform Your Data Interaction ​ With features tailored to provide clarity and ease, the new ChilliDB dashboard is more than just an upgrade; it's a complete transformation in how you view and interact with your data. ​ ​ Stay Ahead with ChilliDB ​ Our commitment remains unwavering: to offer tools that make data management and analysis straightforward and effective. With the new ChilliDB Dashboard, we're not just meeting but exceeding that promise. Start your free 30 day trial. No card required. Essential $26 / User / Month* Premium $41 / User / Month* Enterprise Call us for a quote Includes an exclusive user license. Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Suitable for small groups and start ups. TRY FOR FREE Offers an exclusive user license. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts (within reason) ​ Exclusive features including web controls, Outlook plugin and more ​ Suitable for all organisations. TRY FOR FREE Supports more users for less cost. ​ Includes unlimited members and contacts. ​ Suitable for Government departments and large enterprises. TRY FOR FREE Stay up to date

  • Rural Primary Health Services (RPHS) | ChilliDB

    RURAL PRIMARY HEALTH SERVICES (RPHS) The Rural Primary Health Services (RPHS) program aims to improve access to a range of primary and allied health care services and activities for rural and remote communities. The RPHS program gives community-based primary health care services greater flexibility in the range of services they can offer, including health promotion and preventative health activities. ChilliDB has a specialised RPHS module which was developed in consultation with our clients. The ChilliDB RPHS module has been trusted by countless organisations to manage and report on the RPHS program. ChilliDB Helping Deliver the Rural Primary Health Services ​ The RPHS Module extends ChilliDB by leveraging existing information held within ChilliDB to securely manage and review: Referral to RPHS program services through primary health professionals, family, carers and also self referrals Continuity of care is maintained securely and privately through ChilliDB User Roles allowing you to bring your service providers into ChilliDB to access and maintain RPHS data. You can control the access within ChilliDB that your service providers have been granted allowing them to only access their patients, referrals and session details within the RPHS module, and exclude them from accessing any other ChilliDB details. Recording of Referral and Sessional information for each patient Custom Fields which allows you to tailor the information captured within this program Support for Individual and Group Occasions of Service ​ Streamline Program Management and Reporting Capturing your RPHS data within ChilliDB means you can still keep your data in one central and secure location, reduce your training needs, and have confidence that you can easily report this data in a consistent format. Pre-packaged reports on Referrals, Sessions and the ability for your service providers to generate Tax Invoices assist you to manage the day to day program activities, while extraction reports on Results against the RPHS Program Indicators and Source and Number of Referrals allow you to incorporate this information into your reporting commitments. GET STARTED Request a free short 30 minute demonstration to learn more about what ChilliDB could do for you! REQUEST A FREE DEMO

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